In the following year, our company launches a new product – Integration to Norway package. This new package is designed for employees and their families in order to make the relocation to Norway successful.

We have been operating business in Norway for more than 10 years and it allowed us to accumulate a lot and really valuable information and experience in various aspects of everyday life in Norway.

Here we are to provide full support in main spheres of your life in Norway: career, home, family and kids, health, finances and legal assistance, because either way, moving to a new country can be a shock to you and/or your family members.  A new language, a new daily routine, and just a new way of doing things can all take a long time to adjust to. It’s important to learn as much as possible about your new home before you take real steps of relocation to Norway.

So before you pack your bags, there are a lot of things to understand about the country and to do the “homework”.

We highly recommend you to take the advantage of integration to Norway package:


As in any other country, the purpose of the probation period is to give both the employee and the employer time to find out if they are well suited. According to Section 15-6 (3) of the Working Environment Act, the employee and employer may agree on a trial period of up to six months.

Onboarding and orientation. Every new employee should be set up for success from the very start, from the first day of work to the first week and beyond: your account manager will provide you with trip plan (plane tickets, check-in, a plan how to get from airport to home in Norway, house photos, workplace photo, a plan how to get from home to work, contacts of manager and landlord/tenants, …


Support and guided probation

  • Throughout the period of probation you will know what is expected from you. The account manager will fill out the review of  probation and discuss with you work performance. Account manager will call you: after 1day/1week/monthly):
  • SKILL − Expertise in doing specific tasks; accuracy; precision, completeness, neatness.
  • KNOWLEDGE − Extent of knowledge of methods, materials, tools, equipment.
  • WORK HABITS − Organization of work; care of equipment; punctuality, attendance.
  • RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE − Ability to get along with others; effectiveness in dealing with the public, other employees, clients.
  • LEARNING ABILITY − Speed and thoroughness in learning procedures, methods, standards.
  • ATTITUDE − Enthusiasm for the work; willingness to conform to job requirements and to accept suggestions for work improvement; adaptability.

Feedback from the client

Account managers will provide full support in communication with the Norwegian client and monitor your work performance; point out areas of progress and areas requiring improvement.

  • E-newsletter. You’ll get an e-newsletter every second month.


Knowing the language will give you much better employment options.  You will be more accepted in society and be able to communicate with everyone.  It will establish you in your new life and you won’t have to go through, the sometimes unpleasant, ‘immigrant’ stage.


As a rule, renting a room, apartment or house in Norway is an expensive thing. Many landlords require a deposit equal to three months rent, along with the first month’s rent in advance before they will sign a contract. You can find landlords willing to rent with a smaller deposit requirement, but competition for these places is fierce.

Accommodation organization. Support in finding the accommodation that meets your and your family needs and budget; to find the options of the available housing, double – checking with you about all the conditions of rent, location et. ct., first calls to the landlord, negotiations with the landlord on the conditions of rent (if needed).

Legal assistance with the rent contract; legal advice on rent contract clauses or preparation of the rent agreement in English, the suggestions and tips what are the main rights and obligations  of the tenant and landlord.

Support in finances issues; compensation for accommodation, loan agreements for paying the deposit to the landlord. Speaking of budget, your accommodation will take up the biggest chunk of your budget in Norway, so care should be taken to get the best value. Don’t automatically assume cheaper is best, be aware of what’s included, and most important of all, what’s not included. Paying for hot water, electricity and an internet connection on top of rent can increase your expenditure significantly. You should also be aware of the high deposit requirements in Norway. Typically, a deposit equal to three months rent is required along with the first months rent up-front. That’s four months rent before you even get your key, something that many new arrivals are unprepared for. This isn’t a hard and fast rule particularly if you find accommodation by asking around, but it is the starting point for most landlords.


Child benefit. Consultation on child benefit and cash benefits; support in filling all the necessary applications for NAV and communication with the Authorities, having the power of attorney.

Benefit is entitled if at least one of the parents is (was) working in Norway and the other lives with the child in an EEA country.

-Child benefit (970NOK/month for 1 child) is entitled to parents if they have children under the age of 18 in their care. If parents receive benefits from other EEA country, then only the difference between the benefits is paid if the benefit from Norway is greater than from other EEA country.

-Cash-for-care benefit (up to 6000NOK/month (from 2017.08.01 up to 7500NOK/month)) is entitled to parents who have children between ages of one and two years (more exactly 13-23 months old).

Tax declaration for 2017; support in filling the tax declaration under separate agreement.


Kindergarten. Providing necessary information about the application for kindergarten placement; requirements for applicant, when to apply, selection of the kindergarten. As a rule, the deadline for submitting your application is March 1st.

Parental guidance. Providing all the information regarding the parental guidance.  There are many cases when people come to Norway from different countries and bring their family together, and apparently they have a vision that the laws in their home country and Norway are pretty the same. But it is not. The laws supporting the child’s welfare in Norway are very strict when the rights of the child are violated.  The institution responsible for control is called Barnevernet (Child’s Welfare Service). Our company provides recommendations and tips of how to raise the kids or where to pay attention being parent in Norway.


Professional HR help. Professional consultation on career opportunities for your wife; creation of a professional CV in English, determination of the possibilities of employment in Norway.

Short-term vacation with partner. Real opportunity for wife to visit you in Norway (1 time per 3 months). The duration of the visit up to 7 days. The accommodation free of charge. We can help you to organize her trip to/from Norway.


Providing the information regarding health services; where to apply Municipalities in Norway are responsible for providing necessary health services for their inhabitants – including immigrants. Among other things, the municipalities shall provide:  – public health centres for children and young people, – a general practitioner (GP) service, – an accident and emergency service.


Present you as a professional. At the end of the project you will be entitled to the attest (that is Norwegian reference) with the official confirmation about your skills, signed by the Norwegian client and Europex.


  • Confidential and immediate access and professional support to resolve  work  and life issues.
  • 24/7/365 access to support.
  • A range of services : relocation, counseling, legal advice and financial guidance.

The above listed Integration to Norway package plan is designed to satisfy your and your family needs. We offer you an option to go to work to Norway and bring you family together after a half year. This six month period would be used for you and your family to do the homework that will open the door to Norway and successful integration.

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